Saturday, July 3, 2010

Logolepsy - May You Be Spared

I recently joined Library Thing ( ); dangerous, I tell you! Not only are there endless numbers of books and people who like words, there are games to be played! I joined one group where the challenge was to find 5 not well known words of an insulting nature. I wrote this little ditty from my search.

The beldam (n. - a repulsive older woman) had quite a borborygmite (n. - a dirty mouth, or practitioner of spurcitious--foul and obscene—language) and was given to pathomimesis (n. – malingering) which explains why she was a pentapopemptic (n. - divorced five times. ) It caused great pentheraphobia
(n. - fear or dislike of one's mother-in-law) in her daughter’s husband.

To be fair, I should write one for the male gender, but that was enough for one day. There were so many amazing words on .

A couple highlights:


adj. - given to gross excess in drinking or eating; debauched intemperance


n. - fossilized feces. coprolith, n. hard mass of fecal matter. coprolitic, adj.

n. - vigesimation

n. - killing every twentieth person

(now, I ask you, why is that word even necessary? Is this a biblical thing?
Happy verbiage!

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