Thursday, September 10, 2009

Brand New Blog

Wow - here it is, a clean, fresh page all stretched out before me. I'm not sure if it is virginal, or just a reflection of the blank state of my mind. In any case, I've threatened to start a blog - mostly because I want to share with you all my very important and no doubt correct opinions about almost everything.

School has started; I am back teaching 5th graders. I drag my feet at giving up summer (much as do they), but when they walk in the door I'm very happy to be there. Today's funny tidbit: a boy had a scab on his nose which came off. I told him to get a tissue to dab at it - the next thing I know he is looking at his reflection in the faucet on the sink to check it out. How can you help but laugh?

Underlying my thoughts and settling on my heart right now is the knowledge that my niece is once again fighting cancer at 43 years old; a hard fight, numerous surgeries and resurgences. My massage therapist's husband is in the end stages of life with a brain tumor; he's had two years since the diagnosis, and his wife and two children (still school-age) walk this last road with him. I am so sad...The great news is that one of our young friends has been found cancer-free after her second surgery and resulting treatments for a brain tumor.

My sister-in-law is cancer-free, thank God. She was dropped by her insurance, and because of her preexisting condition may not be able to get coverage after COBRA runs out. Do I think we need health care reform? Yes. Do I think it's a backdoor way for the government to control everyone's lives? No. Will it be perfect? Undoubtedly not. However, consider the consequences of inaction. I burn when I think of the wealth lining the pockets of folks in the "industry" who don't have anything to do with care provision. I wonder which plan to choose by Tuesday, because my premiums have increased 25% this fall. And I am lucky, because I do have health insurance in the first place.

Thanks for letting me unload.

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